This site is about “adventure shopping” for arts and crafts throughout Southeast Asia, utilizing low-cost airlines to hop from one outdoor market to another. Basically, it’s about having fun.

It all began innocently enough.

Weekend hikes in the mountains at Lake Tahoe, in northern California, always seemed to involve a stop at some flea market or antique shop on the drive home.

A few years later, nothing has changed, except the location of the mountains and shopping venues. We are still searching for the ultimate handcrafted work of art. However, these days we do a lot more flying than driving. The hiking has included treks to various hilltribe villages in Northern Thailand and city hikes to the Russian Market in Phnom Penh and the Old Quarter in Hanoi.

Come along with us, through this site, and have some fun. We (Paul and Mona) have been doing this for the last three years. The travel is not as expensive as one might think, if you approach it right. We arrived in Southeast Asia just as the LCC (Low Cost Carrier) concept was taking hold. If you’ve flown Southwest Airlines, Ryanair or easyJet, you know the drill. We’ll be offering tips about booking discount flights to the shopping capitals as we go along.

Caution: Asian adventure shopping may be habit forming.

Please visit our Ebay “about me” page for more information. Thank you.


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